Free Simple Countdown Timer

A free, simple online countdown timer anytime you need it!

What Are You Looking Forward To?

See the seconds tick down as you get closer to your wedding, vacation, or retirement. Let us help you celebrate with our free countdown timer by letting you know how much time you have left until you hit that milestone or until it's time to attend the party. Whether it's a basketball game, election, retirement, birthday, wedding, Christmas, New Year, or even a rocket launch, we are ready to countdown the time for you with this free countdown timer.

Need an Egg Timer?

Not only can our free countdown timer help you keep track of big events in your life like birthdays and weddings, but it can also help with the little things. This free countdown counter can help you in a myriad of kitchen tasks, including timing how long to cook eggs or when to take a roast out of the oven. Don't underestimate this simple yet powerful countdown timer for your everyday tasks.

Countdown Timer Uses

The uses of this free countdown timer are endless. Track time that you're working if you have billable hours and want to know how you're spending your day. You can track training time to know when to give a new employee a break. You can motivate children to do household tasks ("Pick up your room for five minutes and you can have a snack!"). This free countdown time is also a great replacement for an hourglass or timer in board games. And let's not forget that is great to tracking cooking and baking times when you're in the kitchen whipping up something delicious. When you're creative, you can use this countdown timer in nearly every facet of life.

It doesn't matter what you're up to. This free countdown timer can help you succeed.

How to Use It

You can simply set the countdown timer by selecting how much time you need and the click "Select." When you're ready for the countdown timer to begin counting down, just click "Start."

If you want to be alerted, make sure that the Speaker icon is selected otherwise the timer will be muted.

When the countdown timer has reached "0", a beep will alert.

When you're ready to start over, click "Clear" and enter a new time.

It's as easy as that to time anything you might need to. Start using the free countdown timer today and see how helpful it can be.